13 Positive Guidance Strategies adopted at Kara4Kids

February 27, 2023
Positive Guidance Strategies adopted at Kara4Kids

At Kara4Kids preschool, we believe pupils are inherently valuable and deserve our love and respect. Since preschoolers are still in the process of emotional and social maturation, they may struggle in a school environment and lack the necessary life experience and communication skills. As a result, they require our support to navigate this new environment.


Kara’s approach to child guidance is based on positive guidance


What is Positive Guidance?

Positive guidance is an approach that prioritizes the development of a child’s self-control rather than simply focusing on their behavior. To achieve this, we may need to adjust our mindset. As educators, we are not responsible for shielding children from conflict, disappointment, or frustration but rather for teaching them how to handle these situations and emotions responsibly. We must also recognize that a child’s behavior is a reflection of their choices and not a reflection of our abilities as teachers.

As educators, it is our duty to support children in developing self-control and pro-social habits that will benefit them in the future. Positive guidance emphasizes empowering the child to have authority over themselves rather than the adult having control over them.


Positive Guidance Strategies adopted  by Kara4Kids


Traditional reward systems like sticker charts have limited long-term impact on behavior despite producing immediate outcomes. Children often lose interest when rewards such as stickers, candy, or toys run out, and they may not continue positive behaviors at home or in other settings.

Teachers at Kara give their undivided attention and listen carefully to children’s needs while setting realistic expectations for them. Maintaining a regular routine in the classroom can also help. Since each child is unique, expectations should be tailored to each individual child. For instance, if a child takes more time to complete a task, it’s important to acknowledge their effort and provide positive guidance to help them complete the task rather than setting expectations based on the teacher’s own abilities.


13 Positive Guidance Strategies adopted by Kara4Kids:


1. Encourage Positive Social Interaction: 


Positive social interaction is an important aspect of preschool development. Teachers and caregivers at Kara encourage children to engage in positive social interactions by modeling appropriate social behavior, providing opportunities for group activities, and helping children understand the importance of sharing and taking turns.


2. Provide Opportunities to Play: 


Play is an important aspect of preschool development, allowing children to explore, learn, and develop social skills. Teachers and caregivers at Kara provide opportunities for children to engage in free play and structured play activities that promote learning and social interaction.


3. Foster a Growth Mindset: 


A growth mindset believes that abilities and skills can be developed through hard work and dedication. Teachers and caregivers at Kara foster a growth mindset in preschoolers by providing opportunities for learning and growth, encouraging effort and perseverance, and reframing failures and mistakes as opportunities for learning.


4. Be Clear and Consistent: 


Children need clear and consistent boundaries to understand what is expected of them. Caregivers at Kara set clear expectations for behavior and communicate these expectations in a way that children can understand. Teachers at Kara also consistently enforce these expectations to help children feel secure and promote self-regulation.


Positive Guidance Strategies adopted  by Kara4Kids

5. Model Positive Behavior: 


Children learn by watching the adults around them. Teachers at Kara understand this deeply and model positive behavior patterns. This happens through the use of positive language when interacting with your child. For example, saying “please” and “thank you” when making requests or using words like “kind” and “respectful” to describe behavior that you would like to see in your child.


6. Offer Choices: 


Giving children choices can help them feel more in control of their environment and promote autonomy and self-regulation. Offering choices can be as simple as allowing children to choose between two snacks or two activities. At Kara, we promote kids to be independent. We do this by giving them options to choose from themselves. 


7. Use Positive Language: 


Positive language is an important tool for promoting positive behavior. At Kara, we use positive language to reinforce positive behavior and promote self-esteem and confidence in children. 


8. Be Empathetic: 


Empathy is an important skill for parents and caregivers to develop. Empathy involves understanding and acknowledging a child’s emotions, even when we don’t agree with their behavior. Acknowledging and validating a child’s feelings can help them feel understood, reducing the likelihood of difficult behavior.


Positive Guidance Strategies adopted  by Kara4Kids

9. Use Natural Consequences: 


Natural consequences involve allowing children to experience the consequences of their behavior without the use of punishment or rewards. For example, if a child refuses to wear a coat on a cold day, they may feel uncomfortable, which can help them to understand the importance of wearing appropriate clothing. Natural consequences can help children learn responsibility and their actions’ consequences without feeling shamed or punished.


10. Redirect Behavior: 


Sometimes, preschoolers can engage in challenging behavior simply because they are curious or exploring their environment. We redirect their behavior to a more appropriate activity or behavior in these situations. For example, if a child is hitting a toy, you could redirect them to a similar toy that is safe to hit.


11. Encourage Problem-Solving: 


Problem-solving is an important skill for children to develop and can be promoted through positive guidance. Encouraging children to think through a problem and come up with a solution can help them feel empowered and capable and promote self-regulation. We offer suggestions and support as a parent or caregiver but ultimately allow the child to devise their own solution.


12. Addressing individual needs: 


Each child is unique, and addressing their needs and challenges is important. Teachers at Kara work together to create a plan to address any developmental, emotional, or behavioral issues that a child may be experiencing. We help children to feel supported and valued. 


13. Collaborate with Families: 


Positive guidance should not be limited to the school environment. Teachers and caregivers at Kara work with families to promote consistent positive guidance strategies at home and school. This collaboration helps us promote consistency and provide a supportive environment for preschoolers.


Positive Guidance Strategies adopted  by Kara4Kids



In conclusion, positive guidance is a crucial approach to help preschoolers navigate the challenges of the school environment while promoting their emotional and social development. At Kara4Kids, our approach prioritizes the development of a child’s self-control, building a strong relationship with the child, being clear and consistent with expectations, modeling positive behavior, offering choices, using positive language, being empathetic, using natural consequences, redirecting behavior, and encouraging problem-solving. By adopting these strategies, we empower children to take responsibility for their actions and develop pro-social habits that will benefit them in the long run. As educators and caregivers, it is our duty to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for preschoolers to thrive and reach their full potential.


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 Curriculum Head

Geraldine Dmello is the Curriculum Head and Consultant at Kara 4 Kids.
She has attained her MS ( diploma) in Special Education and a certification in Adult Supervision in Early Childhood Education from the UCLA University.
Her past experiences involves over 30 years of experience in private schools both international and in India.
She has authored poems, conceived books, speaks and consults on the topics related to the whole child development making teaching in the Early Childhood space a reciprocal experience, filled with a vibrancy that creates a powerful sustained shared thinking.
While in the conceptualizing of the curriculum she keeps in mind the importance of honoring a child. Her core belief is in the saying that ” A berry ripens in its own good time and so does a child’s readiness.”

Sandeep U


Spearheading the finance, Sandeep is a qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has close to 10 years of experience in handling finance for various organizations. Having spent his career life in a CA firm, venture capitalist firm, real estate and in the garment industry, Sandeep is keen on implementing his knowledge and expertise at 315WA to fuel the growth that we envision. He’s the true follower of the saying that “None of us are stronger than all of us” which has enabled him in achieving the 315WA’s goal to build a most strong and consistent team. He was a part of setting up and implementing a complex business processes committee across multiple industries/sectors. In his journey at 315WA he made sure that every ₹ spent on each square foot will have a direct and huge impact in every organization’s growth as even the biggest cloud is a large collection of very tiny droplets of water. He is a strong believer of money saved is money earned and is looking forward to starting this fast-paced ship.

Rukmini Padakadla


 Meet Rukmini P, our esteemed Head of Human Resources, bringing in over 15 years of progressive experience in the field. As a seasoned leader, she has demonstrated her prowess in various aspects of Human Resources, including workforce management, recruitment, payroll, and policies/procedures development. Her exceptional expertise lies in sourcing and hiring top-notch talent, ensuring that our team comprises the industry’s best and brightest minds.

With a background in Science and a PG degree in English literature, along with a PG Diploma in Human Resources and Marketing, Rukmini exemplifies a highly skilled professional. Her unwavering commitment to driving our organization’s success through effective HR strategies and practices, particularly focusing on workforce management, sets her apart as a true asset to our team.


Strategic Operations – Head

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

It is this belief that inspired Ms. Sapna Erappa to follow her passion, after a decade’s career in banking and finance. Her journey in Early Childhood Education began in 2010 and ever since she has worked with renowned preschools in Bangalore in various leadership roles over a span of 15 years. She holds a degree in Finance & Marketing and has wide exposure in Early Years Education. She has participated in a number of Early Childhood Conferences and IB workshops. 

In her current role as the Strategic Operations – Head at Kara4Kids, she has worked towards building a strong team, motivating them to ensure top-notch standards are maintained in the schools. She believes that a loving and happy environment not only helps children to learn while having fun but also brings the best out of the teachers. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure plenty of learning opportunities are offered to children to bring out their innate potential. Her goal is to create a balanced learning ecosystem where every stakeholder in the school community takes responsibility for the child’s learning journey. She firmly believes and hopes that the education system of today helps children to develop empathy, compassion, and resilience along with academic excellence.



Manas Mehrotra is a qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Bachelors of Law, MBA (Entrepreneurship) from Babson College (USA). The Founder of NestaVera Group of companies, Manas has his vision rooted in the core belief that the only thing constant in this dynamic business era is Change. He believes that the ongoing process of Brainstorming, Innovation, and Adaptation to change should always be the heart of any organisation that seeks economic and social success. He drives his workforce with a strong emphasis on inculcating faith and building long term strategic relationships with both clients and employees.

Manas has also played a pivotal role in the success of Greenwood High Schools. The institution has grown many folds with more than 9 National level Awards to its name in last 3 years under his leadership. Under his stewardship & unique approach to education, Greenwood High Schools have unparalleled achievements to their name in moulding the young minds of tomorrow. He believes in combining quality education with a proper blend of traditional values and the best that modern-day technology has to offer.



Khushroo Rustumji, an alumnus of IIT is the founder of Kara. Having been the Chairman of two companies listed on the BSE, a subsidiary of a Company listed on the London Stock Exchange and a Consultant to numerous national and international organizations, his tenure of work before establishing Kara spans a myriad of corporate experiences.

With a strong belief in how a good Preschool is the vital ingredient in building a Child’s Foundation, Rustumji and his wife envisioned Kara. Upon returning to India after having spent 21 years in the UK, they decided to establish the first pre-school with international standards in Bangalore, much to the delight of discerning parents here. This is how the tale of kara unravelled years ago under the stewardship of Rustumji.



Backed by their sheer hard work and talent, women entrepreneurs worldwide are changing the landscape across every industry. One such visionary in the field of early education is Prachi Mehrotra- Executive Director at Kara4kids. She is also the Director at NestaVera Group of Companies.

 After completing her formal education at a boarding school in Mussorie, Prachi moved to the UK to pursue her degree in Management studies at the University of Nottingham post which she returned to India to pursue her MBA in Finance & Marketing. Her enriching experience, exposure, and learning in these pivotal years taught her the art of adapting to different scenarios, pertaining to education, demographics, and cultures.She strongly believes in developing a culture of trust and transparency at the workplace, which will in turn facilitate the construction of an efficient, effective, productive, and valuable organization.

As an achiever of excellence in both academic and extra co- curricular fields, she reckons that curiosity to learn is the spark that should be the driving force of every organization. As a millenial mother to three children herself, she strongly beleives that early learning is where the root of knowledge begins to get founded for an individual, therefore it is imperative that equal importance be showered upon these nascent founding years of our children’s lives. She passionately envisions to create dynamic,explorative, nurturing – learning and childcare spaces where children fall in love with the joy of learning every day.
 As an Executive Director of Kara4Kids, she handles a multi- faceted role across various domains i.e. Operations, Marketing, Teaching Pedagogy, Expansion, Implementation of teaching interventions, and Management of all the preschool and child care centers. Her ever-dynamic approach and exuberance make her an exemplary leader.