Our Happy Parents

Awiral’s transition from a shy, cry baby to an outspoken 5 year would not have been possible so smoothly without the support and love of dedicated Kara team. Each and every didi in Kara is special…be it  Kanchan’s immense patience and understanding while starting him on food, or Mercy’s potty training techniques, Pallavi’s way of imparting knowledge and teaching so that they remember, Josephine and Beula’s lending ear always for their non-stop chatter.

Surabhi Saloni & Onkar Shahi

Kara’s curriculum is designed so well that we did not have much trouble getting admission in a reputed school for first grade as Ananya was able to take the written test with ease and the school management was very pleased with the way she handled the face-to-face meeting quite comfortably. We noticed that she was far ahead of her peers, especially in reading, cursive writing and math, because of the curriculum at Kara.


The care-givers at Kara have the loving personal touch that is so important to nourish young children. We found the facilities matching those of international day-care centers. The play center is superb! The curriculum is very well done. The Kara experience has especially given our child the confidence to adjust in regular day care here in the US.


Anvay has gone from being a naughty toddler to a well behaved, trained and brilliant child all through his schooling at Kara. The change was for everyone to see and acknowledge that the right schooling can do wonders to a child’s formative years. Your team as an entity has impacted my child’s life in a very positive way and your team’s patience and teaching methodologies have been a pleasant experience for my child. He will step out of your school as a confident child who is ready to face the naunces of the world.

Gurucharan & Archana

I would like to thank you and your team for taking time to be with Shaurya, for the patience it requires to truly connect with him, for listening  and understanding to all the ways he communicates, for encouraging him to laugh and learn, for comforting him when he cries, for changing explosive diapers, for turning him into a good eater, for taking care of my little boy who is always ready to run and for giving him group opportunity to socialise and explore

Manisha Dixit

.Kara has been a second home for my little one. He is in love with KARA. Thank you so much for working on him at an individual level and bringing out the best in him. We truly appreciate the openness and warmth shown by Kara as an institution towards all the kids n parents.

Madhukar N Dhakappa

We’d like to thank you for sharing wonderful time with us at Kara.These 2 years are precious memories for Momoka. When Momoka came to Bangalore, she was 3years old, she couldn’t speak English at all. But now, she is 5years old, she can talk to teachers and her friends, count numbers, write the alphabets and sing the songs in English. That’s amazing! We deeply appreciate your kindness and big support

Akihiro UI & Kayo UI

My little girl, Tamaki had wonderful time at Kara for kids. How do I thank you for what you’ve done for her last three years? You welcomed my child into your classroom with your arms wide open. You start every morning with a song and dance, you  have taught her so many wonderful things! She finds incredible joy in learning. She has learnt so much more than numeracy and literacy.. Under your care, she has learned empathy. She has learned patience and love. She has experienced the intense warmth. You have given my little girl an incredibly rock-solid start to her school career

Yuki OE

 Ketam graduated from Kara in 2015. I must say, he came out as a transformed kid. Confident enough to query and articulate thoughts with meaningful reasoning along with having rich vocabulary and language skill to express himself. We all cherish Kara4kids for inculcating meaningful skills,good values and wonderful habits in Ketam


We would definitely take the opportunity to thank all the didis at Kara Indranagar for making Siddhu’s first experience at school  a great joy and pleasure! We have seen tremendous growth in his skills and personality and that would not have been possible without kara and its caring staff.

Sangeetha & Karthik

The teachers and caregivers are warm, friendly, personable, professional, and firm when necessary. Whenever I have stepped-in to the school, I would notice them in every corner, standing, sitting with kids, walking around, and watching all the time. No kid is left without appropriate supervision here…it is like a home away from home!


“Who does not like a bit of extra icing on their cake?” It removed much of burden from my shoulders when we started staying next to Kara. What can be more reliving to have a kid at home and staying next to a play school? With my son going to Kara, he has got the best of the experience in his comfort zone. Surely,“Kara has turned out be a second home for my son”. Thank you, Kara-HSR.

Archana & Krishna Kumar

I would like to express my gratitude towards the tireless efforts of the people of Kara  who care for children of working parents.To me Kara  is not just a day care it is a Personification of love,care and trust. Truly, a second home for Jayani my bundle of Joy .I returned to work when Jayani was a little baby  and although that was extremely hard for me to do, knowing that she was so well cared for at KARA made it a little easier Kara always lends an extra hand when you just need it .

Bhavana Rao

My son has been going to KARA4KIDS HSR Layout Centre for more than 2 years now. I feel very happy, comfortable and i am at peace knowing my child is with people who really care about my son and it’s comforting to know that he is able to grow in a safe and stimulating environment. In short, it is a lovely centre where my son and other kids have been looked after by caring, warm, professional staff.


 Day care facilities provide services to children. A good day care provides services to children and their parents. By choosing Kara4Kids for my family, I choose a place that provides my daughter with a safe, fun place to spend her time away from us, which also provides many services that make life easier for working parents.


My daughter Tara is almost 4 now. While I keep congratulating and thanking the staff pretty much on a daily basis I felt that I must pen some thoughts down indeed! We relocated from Gurgaon in July 2013 and I started scouting for appropriate preschools from there.. taking references and searching. I came accross Kara amongst others in the area I was keen on. Started by talking to our very own Meenu mam and just got that vibe I was looking for 🙂 me!

Geetika Chopra & Suheer Chpora

We have been associated with Kara for the past eight plus years for both our daughters, and wehave a very good experience with Kara. The schools are safe, clean and hygienic places, and the staff at all these places are pleasant, courteous, well trained and very organized. They teach the right things in the right way!! We personally find that this goes a long way in enriching their cognitive and intellectual abilities, and they get recognized well when they join the mainstream schools

Gayathry and Manikandan